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How does physiotherapy help in back pain?

Back pain is not an uncommon thing in today’s era. Specifically, today when most people have to sit for hours in the same position while working on their desktops. But, hey we have to find a reliable way to deal with it, isn’t it? Our physio professionals in Etobicoke has come up with this blog on some reliable tips to avoid that uneasy feeling, and how does physiotherapy might help you to get rid of it if you are already facing it.

Cause of back pain

Before we dig deeper, let’s understand the causes of back pain. As our physio experts in Etobicoke say, “Knowing the causes of back pain always help a person to stay a bit alert, and thus avoid it entirely”. Check out the usual causes of back pain below.

physiotherapy etobicoke

1) Sciatica: Ever experienced that sharp lower back pain? We hope you didn’t, and we hope you don’t! In an unfortunate case, if you experience it, sciatica might be a concern here. Sciatica implies to ruptured disc which causes severe pain in the lower back pain.

2) Strains: Overstretching your muscles often leads you to strain which causes acute back pain to a person. And, how do you overstretch your muscles? By lifting heavy objects incorrectly or being harsher with your back during the workout, and much more. Increased pressure on your back usually causes strains.

3) Osteoporosis: This condition usually arises if your bones become porous. The vertebrae go through multiple fractures and thus causing back pain for you.

4) Arthritis: This condition gives issues to the lower back and hips. Also, in certain cases, the space between the spinal cord narrows down.

The causes of back pain are numerous. But, the above listed are some of the most common causes of it.

How does physiotherapy help to heal back pain?

So, now when you are aware of some of the most common causes for back pain, let’s see how physiotherapy helps to heal your back pain.

1) Movement is essential: Agreed, back pain doesn’t allow you to do any work, at least, not comfortably. You might face some discomfort while making movements, but you need to know that some sort of movement is a must to get rid of back pain quickly. Rest is important, but no movement at all would make your muscles stiff.

Physiotherapy treatment incorporates certain exercises which are essential to get relief from back pain. With this treatment, you ensure that your muscles don’t get stiff, and thus smoothening your road to recovery.

2) Improves blood circulation: The importance of blood circulation when it comes to getting the recovery from back pain cannot be stressed enough.

Physiotherapy exercise includes various physical movements that boost the quality of your blood circulation and thus giving room to your muscles to improve their movement.

The improved blood circulation enhances the mobility of your muscles and thus enabling them to function better. Thus, the next benefit of the physiotherapy exercise; improved blood circulation.

3) Improves muscle mobility: As mentioned, physiotherapy increases the blood circulation quality that ultimately improves muscle mobility. And, muscle mobility is a must when it comes to a smooth recovery from back pain.

The improvement in muscle mobility will help your back to function optimally and thus helping you to get quick recovery from that irritating pain.

How to avoid back pain?

Now, you know the causes and the most reliable way of getting rid of back pain. But, how do ensure that your back pain doesn’t trouble you in the first place? There are some things you can keep in mind to ensure that your back stays in the best possible form for a long time.

1) Ensure that you lift the heavy objects correctly.

2) If you are someone who needs to stay glued to the computer screen for work, try standing up and giving your back a gentle movement at regular intervals. It will enable your muscles to stay active, and they won’t get stiff.

3) Avoid sitting in awkward positions. It is one of the primary reasons for back pain.

4) Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking in excess. Smoking can reduce blood flow which might become a cause of back pain for you.

5) Be gentle during your workout. Being harsh during a workout might make things difficult for your back.

Back pain is the most common issue that troubles a majority of people. As mentioned, sitting in one place in the same position is a primary reason for the same. However, physiotherapy treatment can be your answer here.

If you are suffering from back pain, and looking to get physiotherapy treatment, do reach out to our physiotherapy experts in Etobicoke at 416-252-4855. Our team will swiftly analyze the root cause of your issue and give you the treatment accordingly. Also, do read out our Google Reviews to check out the experiences of our previous customers with us.