Chiropractor Etobicoke - Chiropractor for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Chiropractor for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck pain that spreads into your shoulders or arms usually occurs because of pressure on delicate joints and nerves. This can be caused by an accident such as whiplash, or poor posture or work mechanics.

Chiropractors are experts at relieving this type of pain by rebalancing the nervous system and restoring proper spinal alignment. This provides a long-term solution to the pain and prevents it from returning.

1. Relieves Pain

Neck and shoulder pain is a frequent problem that can be caused by everything from sports injuries to degenerative health conditions. The neck contains a wide range of muscles, nerves and ligaments that are susceptible to injury from overuse, poor posture, whiplash injuries from car accidents, and simply the everyday stresses we place on our bodies.

A chiropractor can relieve neck pain by relieving pressure on the spinal nerves and restoring proper alignment of the spine and vertebrae. They can also help reduce inflammation and muscle spasms.

Your chiropractor will take a complete medical history and conduct a physical exam. They will observe your posture, check your range of motion, and look for signs of muscle spasms and nerve changes. They may also perform a neurological exam and evaluate your reflexes.

2. Reduces Stiffness

Chiropractor Etobicoke - Chiropractor for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Using a direct approach your chiropractor will examine your neck, spine and shoulder for misalignments, scar tissue, range of motion,

muscle spasm and nerve changes. They will also evaluate your reflexes, feel the strength and movement of your neck muscles, and note how pain travels around your body.

Our neck, the cervical spine, contains seven small vertebrae that allow us to move our head in every direction. These movements are controlled by a complex series of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The nerves that control shoulder functions originate in the cervical spine and run down to the arm.

The neck can get tight from poor posture, sleeping in an awkward position or a chronic injury. These tight muscles disrupt spinal balance and can cause pain, stiffness, and numbness. Chiropractors use gentle spinal manipulations and corrective exercises to restore proper alignment of the cervical vertebrae and decrease pain, stiffness, and numbness.

3. Improves Sleep

The shoulder is the most intricate joint in the body. It is a shallow ball-and-socket joint and is held together by tendons, ligaments, and muscles. All the nerves that control shoulder functions originate in the neck (cervical spine) and run down the arm to the fingertips.

During chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor loosens stiff joints through a series of controlled adjustments and physiotherapy. This relieves pressure on the spinal nerves and relaxes the surrounding muscles, reducing pain and tension in the shoulder.

Tight, strained shoulder muscles can be the result of poor sleeping posture (especially stomach sleeping), car accidents or sports injuries. Stress and computer work are also common culprits of shoulder pain. Chiropractors can help you improve your sleeping position and adjust the way you sit at your desk during the day to prevent “tech neck.” They may even recommend specific cervical or sacral adjustments, which stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, causing the body to exit the fight, flight or freeze mode.

4. Increases Mobility

The shoulder contains the most movable joint in the body. Any dysfunction in the bones, tendons or ligaments can lead to shoulder pain and decreased mobility.

Chiropractors are experts at fixing shoulder injuries. They use a variety of chiropractic techniques to restore the normal alignment of the shoulder, spine, and vertebrae. These adjustments relieve pressure on nerves in the shoulder, which will reduce pain and increase mobility.

They may also recommend stretching and exercises to improve shoulder strength and balance. They can also provide you with tips to prevent tech neck by advising you to maintain good posture and use ergonomic equipment when working. They can also offer dry needling, which uses acupuncture needles to physically reduce trigger points, which are painful fibrotic bundles within muscles.

5. Reduces Stress

The neck (cervical spine) is the most flexible joint in the body, yet it is also one of the most vulnerable to injury and pain. Your neck contains seven small vertebrae that support the weight of your head and allow it to move in almost any direction.

Your shoulder is a shallow ball and socket joint that is held together by many muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It is innervated by nerves that originate in the cervical spine (neck) and run down your arm to your fingertips.

A pinched nerve in the shoulder can cause numbness, weakness or tingling in the arm. Chiropractors are experts at relieving pressure on nerves and restoring proper alignment of the neck and spine. This removes the need for your nerves to send painful alerts that something is wrong and makes healing much faster.

This is how a chiropractor can help you relieve neck and shoulder pain. Thus, if you are looking for a professional chiropractor in Etobicoke, reach out to Waterfront Physio & Rehab. To connect with our chiropractor Etobicoke experts, call at 416-252-4855.

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