Ayushi Mehra Bio Pic

Ayushi Mehra


Ayushi graduated with a master's in physical therapy from India and received gold medal from honourable President of India for standing first in merit. Since then she has been continuing to pursue further training and is certified in; Active Release Therapy, Advanced Manual Therapy(APTEI), Mulligan Mobilization, McKenzie, Taping and TMJ management.

Professionally she has over ten years of experience, working in various hospitals and private clinics managing patients with sports injuries, pre & post-operative cases and various musculoskeletal conditions.

Her treatment includes holistic approach and active Physiotherapy techniques as she believes in giving the best evidence-based therapy and educating patients to re-establish quality of life.

Walter Justo Registered Massage Therapy(RMT)

Walter Justo

Registered Massage Therapy

Walter is a registered massage therapist in good standing with the Ontario College of Massage Therapists with post university diploma in physical rehabilitation and a master’s degree in methodology of sports training. He comes with over 20 years of experience in massage therapy and has special interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation and is fascinated by the positive and rewarding effects of Massage Therapy has on the body. To maximize results, Walter customizes treatment plan based on an initial assessment and health history to determine the condition of your muscles and joints. He applies elements of relaxation while providing deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, and myofascial release techniques. He takes pride in delivering a personalized and high-quality treatment to achieve a positive outcome.

Rami Nashi Chiropractor

Rami Nashi


Dr. Rami Nashi is a Chiropractor from Toronto with an interest in rehabilitation and chronic pain. His goal is to help and guide patients overcome their barriers in living their most active lifestyle. He is a movement enthusiast and optimist. Rami completed a Bachelor of Science in Health and Disease from the University of Toronto followed by a Doctor of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Rami treats musculoskeletal injuries, especially those of the neck, back, hips, and shoulders using patient-centred care that is unique to each individual he works with. Treatment plans will include manual therapy such as spinal manipulation and mobilizations in combination with exercise and movement. Rami is a firm believer in self-management and empowering patients to regain control over their pain and live their fullest life.

Rami is always striving to learn more in keeping up with musculoskeletal research and improving his delivery of care through continuing education courses. He is an advocate for evidence-based practice and collaborating with other healthcare professionals.

Rami is an avid cyclist, but also likes to spend time running, hiking, and trying to fit in the occasional book to read.

Dina Al-Kayssi Naturopathic

Dr. Dina Al-Kayssi


Dr. Dina Al-Kayssi, ND (Dr. D your local ND) is a Naturopathic Doctor who graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM).

Dr. Dina also holds a Doctor of Medicine Degree from All Saints university – school of medicine with excellence in clinical sciences and a Bachelor Degree in Life sciences from McMaster University.

Dr. Dina has a general practice with a special interest in sports medicine, pain management, gut health, and skin health. She holds an additional certification in cosmetic acupuncture.

Dr. Dina is passionate about medicine and spent few years in research with publications on Alzheimer’s disease.

She is an athlete with a passion for rock wall climbing. She worked as a rock wall climbing instructor and a hockey trainer.

She possesses unique qualities by combining knowledge from Western and Eastern Medicine.

Demoli Shah Physiotherapist

Demoli Shah


A warm and friendly individual with 10 years of experience who aspires to help her patients in the best way possible. Demoli possesses outstanding adaptive and interpersonal skills and has extensive experience serving clients with various musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries.

She firmly believes in continuing her education and is pursuing post-graduate courses in manual therapy and the GLA:D Canada program of exercises for those with Osteoarthritis. She believes that exercises combined with manual therapy, like Mulligan Therapy or mobilizations or deep tissue work, are highly effective in treating painful conditions. Most importantly, she advocates for patient dedication to rehabilitation, which can transform them into recovering completely.

Demoli is a passionate physiotherapist who provides practical and sometimes an innovative approach to patient rehabilitation. Her aim is to provide the best treatment so that her patients feel better afterwards. During the assessment, Demo listens carefully to her client’s concerns and devises a custom-fit treatment plan taking into consideration their functional goals.

Kshitija Horiguchi TCM - Acupuncturist

Kshitija Horiguchi

TCM - Acupuncturist

Kshitija provides an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to your acupuncture experience through pulse and tongue analysis, cupping, moxa therapy and massages.

She focuses on addressing the root causes of imbalance and not simply treating the symptoms. In doing so, she uses the Japanese needling technique, which is gentle yet effective and profound. Her goal is to help patients heal, restore health and reestablish balance and overall well-being.

Kshitija is very passionate about health and wellness and aim to help her patients reach their ultimate health goals. She has dedicated herself to a lifelong learning journey to become the best practitioner where she could provide the best health care for as many people as possible.

Nasim Rezania Podiatrist/Chiropodist

Nasim Rezania


Prior to her studies in Chiropody, Nasim began her career studying and earning degree in Speech Language Pathology and practiced as a Speech Language Pathologist.. She also received her Bachelor of Science degree at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Nasim later found her passion in foot care and went on to complete her post-graduate studies in Chiropody at the Michener Institute of Education. She is a registered Chiropodist (Foot Specialist) with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, and the Ontario Society of Chiropodists (OSC).

Her focus is to provide excellence in podiatric care and to help her patients meet their goals in getting them back to their daily activities, sports, and recreational activities in a safe and timely manner. She is passionate in making a difference in her patients' lives by keeping them mobile and pain free.

Eric Herrera Manual Osteopath

Eric Herrera

Manual Osteopath

Eric graduated as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in 2018 from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto. As a student, Eric gained valuable experience working with athletes participating in the Masters International Track & Field Tournament in Toronto.

In the field, Eric has worked and treated a broad spectrum of patients, including professional and amateur athletes as well as senior citizens.

Eric discovered manual therapy after suffering from many sports injuries as a youth. These experiences exposed him to learning different recovery methods and taught him that chronic pain was treatable following the proper maintenance and practice. He continuously strives to provide high-quality one-on-one osteopathic services.