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Welcome to Waterfront Physio & Rehab - the premier destination for transformative physiotherapy in Etobicoke! Our skilled physiotherapy Etobicoke team is dedicated to unleashing your inner strength and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to optimize your performance, our tailored treatment plans will guide you toward success. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a supportive environment, our physio Etobicoke team creates a personalized rehabilitation experience that nurtures your body and mind. From sports enthusiasts to everyday warriors, we empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to live life to the fullest. Discover renewed vitality at Waterfront Physio & Rehab, a distinguished physio clinic situated at 160 Marine Parade Dr. #MP6, Toronto. Our dedicated practice offers personalized chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and physiotherapy services.

Whether your pain stems from sports, accidents, or lifestyle factors, our experts are here to assist you on your journey to wellness, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our expertise extends to addressing these concerns, and we're here to provide effective assistance tailored to your needs. Let us be your solution for relief and recovery!

Our Main Services

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katy rosess
katy rosess
I booked a massage with Walter and it was without a doubt the best massage I have had and I've had more than a few. He explained the reasons I had pain before massage and gave me clear suggestions on how to improve myself through movement. I have had terrible neck and back pain and though there is more than one go needed, I can honestly say tonight my pain has greatly subsided. Thank you very much Walter.
Ligia Baraian
Ligia Baraian
Dr Dina is an amazing professional who is very experienced and knowledgeable …the treatments are receive so far gave me immediate results … I highly recommend Dr Dina to all my family and friends ..excellent experience and amazing results my health improved in few days …thank you Dr Dina 👏
Norbert M
Norbert M
I have only been here for physio, but the experience has been top notch. Ayushi Mehra is a kind and caring physiotherapist that has helped me with a shoulder injury.
Ziqra Malik
Ziqra Malik
Lovely place! I've been coming here on/off for many months and every time my experience is positive. I've been working with the physio Demoli who is kind, encouraging and supportive. She has helped me tremendously with my pain! Rohan is also very understanding and makes the whole process easy! Definitely recommend coming to this clinic!
ramesh modgil
ramesh modgil
Pain disappeared and all is well
T Sikander
T Sikander
Excellent! The best clinic for all health needs. The best physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapist I have been to. The naturopathic Dr Dina is great too. Highly recommend this clinic.
Renata Ljubic
Renata Ljubic
I visited Waterfront Physiotherapy 3.5 years after Car accident still on MVA. Ayushi is very patient and knowledgeable physiotherapist who takes time for overall assessment. She personalizes excersises and therapy based on pain intensity, injury and other ailments. All other staff is also very courteous and accommodating. Facility is very clean, great place to jump start your healing and improve overall health & wellness.
Constantino Almeida
Constantino Almeida
The Physio was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. The facilities were great and comfortable.
Paula Hyland
Paula Hyland
I have only been to Waterfront Physio twice but both times were excellent experiences. Ayushi is very knowledgeable and personable. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

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Personalized Treatment
You will receive a full individualized treatment
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center
Licensed Therapists
Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists
Healthy Lifestyle
We use preventative techniques & promote healthy lifestyle
Experienced Staff
Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique
Therapy Goals
Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome
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Waterfront Physio - Best Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, and RMT in Etobicoke & Toronto

Our physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapy experts come with immense experience and expertise and ensure that you get the best treatment, and hence, relief from the pain efficiently and quickly.

We use the advanced and latest technology to provide you with the best treatment, along with not forgetting the traditional principles of the treatment. We firmly understand that technology may or may not deliver the desired results every time. Hence, following the right approach is necessary while providing physiotherapy treatment.

Our Services

We provide the following services at our physio clinic in Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

physiotherapy Etobicoke - physio Etobicoke

1) Physiotherapy: Not able to get rid of injury pain? Physiotherapy treatment can be your answer. You can trust our physiotherapy treatment in Etobicoke not only to get rid of the injury or accident pains or even lifestyle related body aches but also to improve your overall health.

Moreover, when you select our physiotherapist in Etobicoke-Lakeshore clinic, you can rest ensured that the issue gets treated from the root. With prolonged injury pain, it’s a must to recognize the issue from the root, and our physiotherapy Etobicoke & Toronto experts exactly do that.

2) Chiropractic: Chiropractic treatment focuses on neuromuscular issues. When the structural integrity of the spine is not in its place, Chiropractic treatment is required.

If you feel that your spinal cord isn’t responding as it should, or if you are facing troubles with spinal cord movements, visit our chiropractors in Etobicoke. Let us understand the issue from the root, devise the best chiropractic treatment plan for you, and help you get rid of your uncomfortable movements.

3) Massage therapy (RMT): A long day at work can bring a lot of discomfort to you. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to get rid of this discomfort and ensure that not only your body but your mind gets refreshed too.

RMT is one of the best ways to relax your muscles and give your mind room to relax amidst your hectic schedules.

Our registered massage therapists in Etobicoke can help you relax by providing you with the best massage therapy. You can even go with our customized massage therapy plans, and see which plan suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we charge for Physiotherapy treatment?

We usually expect significant improvement within the first 2 weeks of your treatment plan. There are many factors that can affect your rate of recovery. Some of those are:

  • Frequency of your visits
  • Duration of your visits
  • Adherence to your home exercise plan
  • Avoidance of injury-causing activity/position
  • Duration of the condition (as a general rule, the longer you have had a certain condition the longer it can take to recover)

Does OHIP cover for physiotherapy?

There are a few eligibility criteria for OHIP-funded physiotherapy that are subject to change at any time. Read more at OHIP.

Which is the closest physiotherapy clinic near me in Etobicoke?

Our physiotherapy in Etobicoke is located at 160 Marine Parade Dr. #MP6, Toronto

Does physiotherapy have side effects?

In the majority of instances, the practice of physiotherapy is regarded as highly efficient with no negative side effects. Studies have shown that physiotherapy greatly enhances the recovery and rehabilitation of many ailments and is essential in preventing future injuries. The practice of physiotherapy is often an integral element of a patient’s care program and is an opportunity to relax and recover functionality.

How is physiotherapy beneficial and what conditions can I treat?

Physical therapy can help you
a) strengthen the body’s core and improve your overall health & well-being.
b) Help you recover from sports injuries or stroke, trauma, or paralysis.

Also, people with a long-standing medical history or the possibility of inheriting certain diseases can benefit from the physical therapy advice of their medical professional.

Insurance plans

Our team comes across insuranace related questions a lot. We assist our patients with insurance. However, you must meet all the terms and conditions of the insurance company.

Be it physiotherapy, chiropractic, or RMT in Etobicoke & Toronto, you can count on our experts to ensure that you get rid of your discomfort and pain quickly & rightly. To connect with our team, and to book your appointment to restore your comfort from the best in Etobicoke and Toronto, call us at 416-252-4855.

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