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Back Pain: Causes, Prevention, & using RMT massage to heal it

Back pain is not an uncommon thing at all. Be it working professionals, aged people, or even sportspeople, back pain can cause to anyone, and it’s extremely frustrating. There are various treatments to back pain like ice packs, bed rest, or massage. Massage therapy is the most effective treatment that delivers instant results. Our Massage Therapists in Etobicoke highly recommend going for a massage treatment if you experience back pain. It will relax your muscles and give you instant relief.

However, a major class of people doesn’t prefer going with RMT as their treatment to back pain. This is because the age-old thinking of bed rest acquires their mind. Yes, bed rest is effective but delivers the best results when combined with massage therapy.

Reasons for Back Pain

It’s always good to know the possible causes of back pain so that finding the solutions to it becomes a bit easy. Also, knowing the causes helps you stay a bit alert and thus avoiding back pain.

1) Muscle Strain: A muscle strain is likely to occur if you keep on lifting heavy objects on a daily basis. Lifting heavy objects increases tension on your muscles and thus causing a muscle strain that eventually lands into back pain.

2) Arthritis: This condition usually imparts an effect on the lower back of your body. The narrowed spacing around your spine is responsible for arthritis.

3) Slipped Disc: Slipped disc also occurs due to heavy lifting. This condition often causes severe pain in the lower back.

4) Bone Fracture: Accidents & Injuries might cause fractures to the bones, which eventually gives you immense pain in your back.

Benefits of RMT in Back Pain

Check out the top benefits that massage therapy comes alongside it if you are suffering from back pain.

1) Improved Blood Circulation: RMT improves the overall blood circulation in your body. Whether it’s just a stiff back or heavy back pain, efficient blood circulation always makes you feel better. And that’s what RMT does. An improved blood circulation releases the pressure from your stiffed muscles which benefits your back to a good extent.

Improved blood circulation is not only beneficial for your back, but for your entire body system. Thus, the first benefit of going with RMT when you are suffering from serious back pain; improved blood circulation.

2) Gives a Good Sleep: Let’s talk about the general ideology; bed rest. What does bed rest mean? A good sleep? Yes. Here, you might be delighted to know that a good massage treatment gives the person a great quality of sleep.

And when you will get a good quality of sleep, there will be an automatic improvement in your pain. The better quality of sleep you get, the better & faster will be your road to recovery.

3) Enhanced Endorphin Level: This is one of the primary benefits of massage therapy. Endorphins are the chemicals that reduce chronic pain and make the person feel better.

Massage therapy releases the endorphin in the body and thus increasing the endorphins level in your body. Eventually, it gives your body relief from the pain and thus makes you feel better in a very short time span.

4) Improves Muscle Movement & Range of Motion: As mentioned, massage therapy improves the overall blood flow in your body. Also, RMT gives your body muscles flexibility which is a major benefit of this treatment.

As your body muscles get flexibility, the overall muscles movement is improved, and the range of motion also increases. As the range of motion increases, your stiff back will get some relief from the pain.

5) Reduces Muscle Tension: Muscle tension is one common reason of people going through muscle pain. RMT releases the tension from your muscles which reduces the pain and thus giving you relief.

As the muscle tension gets reduced, your recovery becomes faster, and your body starts making comfortable movements soon.

How to Prevent Back Pain?

So, now when you know that RMT can help you to get rid of back pain, how can you prevent it at all? Our RMT Etobicoke experts list certain tips to prevent back pain below. Check them out.

1) No Awkward Sitting Positions: Ensure that you don’t sit awkwardly. Maintain a good sitting position. Also, avoid sitting in a single place for long hours. Stand at regular intervals and allow your body to do some movement.

2) Avoid Heavy Lifting: The majority of people suffer from back pain due to heavy lifting. However, avoiding it reduces the chances of back pain to a good extent. Though, if your profession involves heavy lifting, ensure that your back remains straight and don’t twist it at all.

3) Exercise Every Day: The more you exercise, the more active & stronger your muscles will be. Exercising gives your back strength and thus making it strong which reduces the chance of back pain at any stage to a great extent.

4) Avoid Smoking & Consuming Alcohol: Smoking & Alcohol increases toxins in your body thus making it more difficult for the body to heal. So, try to avoid them as it will keep your body fresh, and speed up your back recovery.

5) Maintain Weight: Research says that being overweight invites back pain as it makes muscle movement a bit more difficult. Thus, try to maintain your weight a bit as it also ensures your overall fitness.

Back Pain can be extremely irritating. The immense pain makes muscle movement difficult and disrupts the routine. But massage therapy can be your companion to get relief from the rigorous pain and get a quick recovery.

However, choosing the right massage therapist who can guide you correctly, and is extremely efficient to give you quick relief from your pain is important. If you are suffering from back pain and looking for a massage therapist, our Registered Massage Therapists in Etobicoke is your answer.

Our team will study your body pain meticulously and focus on relaxing your muscles to help improve your health.. Do connect with our team by calling us at 416-252-4855.

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