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How does Physiotherapy help in Knee Arthritis?

Painful knee arthritis can disallow you to stay active. In fact, the immense pain makes you feel frustrated and subsides your overall productivity. Sadly, millions of people get affected by knee arthritis every year. And there’s very little they can do about it. Physiotherapy treatment is one of the most reliable treatments to get considerable relief from knee arthritis. If you are looking for a reliable physiotherapy treatment provider, do connect with Waterfront Physiotherapy specialists in Etobicoke now.

How does Physiotherapy help to heal knee arthritis?

So, why should you go with Physiotherapy if knee arthritis is troubling you? Check out the primary reasons below.

1) Physiotherapy exercises improve the overall movement of muscles which elevates the recovery speed.

2) These exercises always make your muscles stronger. Thus, along with helping in arthritis recovery, exercise is also beneficial for your overall health.

3) Physiotherapy increases the flexibility of the muscles and thus relieves the muscle stiffness and thus helping to heal arthritis.

4) You learn several important things like how to put less weight on your knees, or how to manage knees efficiently during knee arthritis, etc.

5) Physiotherapy helps in improving blood circulation which is an essential factor to get rid of knee arthritis.

These are some of the primary ways by which physiotherapy helps to heal knee arthritis. To know more, reach out to Waterfront Physio experts in Etobicoke now.

Best Physiotherapy exercises to heal knee arthritis

Check out some of the best exercises you can go with to get a quick recovery from knee arthritis.

1) Half-Squat: This is one of the most important and the most efficient exercises to get relief from knee arthritis. To perform this exercise, push your butt to a 45-degree angle, and bend. Ensure that you don’t go in a full sitting position. While you bend, just extend your arm straight. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times. Be gentle, and don’t push yourself at all. Ensure that your knees don’t feel extended pressure at all.

2) Hamstring Stretch: This exercise makes you flexible along with improving blood circulation. To perform this exercise, lie on the floor. Slowly lift one leg, keep it slightly bent, and then bring the knee back to your chest. Keep your hands on your thigh during this exercise. Perform the exercise for at least 2 minutes and then slowly bring your leg down.

3) Calf Stretch: This exercise restores the energy in your calf. To perform the exercise, use a chair for support. Firstly, bend your right leg. Then take your left leg back, and gently straighten it. Then repeat the same by bending your left leg and taking your right leg back.

4) Quad Sets: This exercise helps to restore the strength of the thigh muscles. It incorporates tightening the muscles of your thigh. To perform this exercise, just lie on the floor, tighten your left knee muscle for at least 5 seconds. Release it. Now, relax for 20 seconds and repeat the exercise, this time with the right knee.

5) Leg Stretch: To perform this exercise, sit with both your legs stretched. Stabilize yourself with both hands and ensure that you keep your back straight. Then, gently bend one knee and get it back straight. Remember to be gentle while performing the exercise. Then, repeat the same with another knee.

Types of Physiotherapy treatments our Etobicoke team will use

Check out the types of physiotherapy treatments our team will use to help you get relief from knee arthritis.

1) Manual Treatment: This treatment type incorporates massage and gentle exercises. No machines or electrical system is used during this treatment.

2) Electrical Simulation: This physiotherapy type uses a slight electric current to help you to get rid of knee arthritis.

3) Sound Waves: Physiotherapy incorporates this method to help you get rid of muscle pains using the ultrasound technique.

Note: The type of physiotherapy method purely depends on the extent of damage and the treatment requirements your knees demand. Contact our physio wizards in Etobicoke to know more.

Physiotherapy treatment is one of the most proficient tactics to get rid of knee arthritis. This non-surgical treatment might help you to ensure that you get relief in a very quick and natural way. However, choosing the right physiotherapy treatment provider is necessary so that you get the correct guidance along with the correct treatment. To get the best physiotherapy treatment in Etobicoke, do reach out to our team by using the contact number 416-252-4855. Also, you can go through our Google reviews to know the experiences of our patients with us.

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