Compression Stockings – Quick Guide

Compression Stockings & Benefits

Compression Socks or Stockings are specially made, snug-fitting, stretchy socks that gently squeeze your leg. They can keep your legs from getting tired and achy and can also ease swelling in your feet and ankles. They may even stop you from feeling light-headed or dizzy when you stand up.

By helping push fluids and blood out of our legs and back up to the heart, compression socks work to stimulate circulation in our legs and feet there by helping you prevent and treat spider and varicose veins.

Who should wear Compression Stockings?


We are extremely busy with at our work and the routine often involves either sitting or standing for longer hours, in both cases compression socks do help.

Studies have shown that the blood flow in our legs can decrease up to 50% after just 60 minutes of immobility. This results in increased pressure in the veins of the lower leg as blood fights against gravity when returning to the heart.

For those of us who are on the feet for long hours like teachers, doctors, construction workers, nurses, compression socks help in reducing pain, achiness and swelling which occurs after long hours of immobility.


We all love being active and are involved in various sports. Athletes or people who wear these stockings have noted that they are able to focus more on the performance as the socks reduces swelling and pain associated with any ligament, tendon, or muscle injury.

Studies show that by increasing oxygen flow to the working muscles and flushing out lactic acid, athletes experience a faster recovery time with decreased muscle soreness and increased comfort overall.


We all have noticed swelling / edema in our legs and ankles every time we travel and sit for longer time dangling the legs. Also, there could be chances of blood clot formation due to lack of movement during travel.

Studies show that wearing compression socks while travelling effectively reduces your risk of developing blood clots and increases your comfort by reducing swelling and leg pain.

Doctors generally prescribe compression socks to:

  • Boost circulation in your legs
  • Support veins
  • Prevent blood from pooling in your leg veins
  • Diminish leg swelling
  • Help prevent venous ulcers
  • Prevent development of deep vein thrombosis in your legs
  • Help lessen the pain caused by varicose veins
  • Reverse venous hypertension
  • Improve lymphatic drainage

We at Waterfront Physio and Rehab provide you with custom compression stocking in all gradients that best fits your needs. Please consult the physiotherapist or call in to book a 15 min free consultation.

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